Collections Form 8519

Form 8519 informs you of a bank levy. The IRS will take the entire account and TaxHelpLaw needs to act fast.

Steps for IRS Collections

The bank will hold your money in escrow for 21 days before they give it to the IRS so we have time to attempt to secure a release. TaxHelpLaw must gather all your financial information and the proof. If all the returns are filed we can set up an installment agreement and get a release.

We may need to determine the source of the assessment, discover the IRS file on you, gather any necessary documents, prepare any proper filings, complete your financial affidavit and try to get a release promptly before the end of the 21 days!

But that’s not the end of your case. TaxHelpLaw needs to determine the statute of limitations issues and how they affect an Offer in Compromise, Bankruptcy, Penalty Abatements, an Installment agreement or temporarily¬† uncollectable status so we can present you with an Action Plan to reduce or eliminate this tax debt!

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What does IRS Form 8519 look like? Frequently Asked Questions FAQs: Why did I receive this IRS bank levy notice?  What do I need to do in response to an IRS bank levy with Form 8519? I don't agree with the IRS collection bank levy form 8519!! Should I call or mail my response to Form 8519? Is there anything else I should know about this IRS bank seizure notice? Call TaxhelpLaw at 719 232 2587 in Colorado Springs or 303 829 4357 (TAX-HELP) in Denver!!!