Collections CP49

IRS Collections Notice CP-49 is a notice that the IRS has taken your refund to pay for other taxes.  This may be a surprise to many people who weren’t aware of the problem or its magnitude. The situation is not greatly urgent but can become worse. There is still time to resolve your issues before your situation is desperate.

Steps for IRS Collections

TaxHelpLaw needs to discover the IRS file, gather any necessary documents, review any statute of limitation issues, prepare any required filings and determine if you qualify for the “streamlined installment agreement” or if financial records will be required.

Next, we must contrast the Statute of Limitations against the remedies of an Offer, Installment Payments, Bankruptcy, Penalty Abatements, Return Amendments, or Uncollectable Status.

Then we must prepare an Action Plan for you based on our investigation so the exact remedy is tailored to your situation. Often, we can turn a hardship into an advantage!

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IRS Collection Notice CP49


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